Friday, August 29, 2008

Location Location Location

Geesh. We’ve been scouting sites for the ceremony and reception, but thus far we haven’t hit on one. It’s quite difficult to find a space that will hold 200 people in the City of Chicago and in our price range. Maybe we should just cut you off the invitee list!

Seriously though, we had our eye on one venue . . . one of our favorite restaurants . . . they can hold all 200 of us . . . and they don’t charge a room rental fee, or tables and chairs, and they have good food, but expensive drinks . . . but we’re not sure the room will really work. We were really hoping it would work out, but neither of us felt it was the right place.

We did find a really cool space, but it would only hold 150 people and it has three levels and no elevators and we both have family members where stairs are not an option.

So, the hunt is still on. We’re open to suggestions . . . but we pretty much want to get married in Chicago. We’re really attached to this place and it means a lot to us. We would also consider Evanston, since we both went to Northwestern and we’ve both lived up there. But Chicago is our top choice.

We’ll probably visit some other places over the weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for us! We’d love to get the site secured so we can have a set date!


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