Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dress Stress?

Who knew? Finding a dress is difficult! Especially since I'm not one of those gals who have a binder ready to go before they've met The Right Person. I met my Right person 12 years ago and I'm still SO unprepared for this wedding schtuff! Before we were engaged, I could not name a sinlge wedding dress designer. Now I have websites bookmarked and favorites saved and a stress headache!

I've visited 4 dress shops thus far and tried on MANY dresses. I'm getting a better idea of what I want . . . but I'm having a hard time embracing the traditional . . . I want to be different! I've always told Jason that I won't be wearing a white wedding dress, and I don't want to renege on that . . . but color choices are difficult.

So the Madre and I will be heading out to Naperville on Sunday to continue the search. Thus far, I've been going it alone. I think having my Mom with me will help considerably. Another set of eyes - and someone to bounce ideas off of. Though I must say, I'm a speedy tryer-oner. The sales gals will bring me three dresses and I"ll be in and out of them (hey?) before they have the next round ready! I know what I like - and don't like - so I'm quick.

So . . . if you've been through this part of the fun before and have any words of wisdom for me, let me know! Or if you know a good seamstress who could custom make a dress for me that I would love at a reasonable price, let me know that too!

Back to the dress-ing board . . .


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