Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're delinquent

So, um....we're a little behind in our wedding blogging. Sorry about that. However, that's because we are NOT so behind in our real, live wedding planning! Here's a few details to catch you up:

-We have a caterer! We found a great guy who we really like. We had a tasting with a couple we're friends with, and the food is fantastic. No, really. Like "save room because there's more delicious stuff coming" fantastic.

-We have a rabbi! After getting some recommendations of rabbis willing to do less-traditional interfaith services, we met with a few, and liked two of them a lot. We went back and forth over the particulars, and chose the one we meshed with more. He is from a downtown congregation that is largely made up of interfaith couples, and he really puts us at ease with our ceremony planning.

-We have music! Our friend Mike will be the DJ for the wedding. He is a wizard of all things related to sound and video. He's won several Jeff awards (Chicago's Tony award) for sound, video, and projection design, and he's DJ'ed most Barrel of Monkey weddings. We're really glad he's available to be a part of our day.

-We have invitations! We became invitation experts in a very short time, largely thanks to an independent shop owner in Evanston, who showed us the ropes. Because she only carried certain companies' products, we ended up not purchasing through her. But we combined elements of various invitations we liked and had them made. Gretchen's brother Paul is a graphic designer, and he took our idea and ran with it. We then had another small shop print everything up for us. We're really happy with how they turned out, and they should be getting to you in the very near future!

See? I told you we've been working on it! Also in the works or done: the rings, our clothes for the big day, honeymoon plans, ceremony particulars... Now be honest: raise your hand if you read this entry's title and thought it either referred to us breaking laws and being thrown into "juvie", circa "West Side Story", OR not paying our library fines in a timely manner. OK - the two of you with your hands up are uninvited. Everyone else, thanks for checking back to see if this blog is still among the living. Gretchen and I thank you.

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