Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Demo Day 2

Phew! We got a lot done today!

Woke up. Made breakfast – last meal cooked in the old kitchen! Made dinner… slow cooker chicken. Started projects for the day!

Demolished the upper cabinets (saved a couple of uppers for Sam & Matt),

Cabinets1removed the tile from the pantry floor,


removed a section of wall tiles,

J3demolished the countertop (see tile-free pantry floor in this shot!),

PantryDone  demolished the lower cabinets, CabinetsDonethrew a bunch of stuff out, started a new section of floor tile removal, lost some pictures on the camera, got them back (but in crappy form – sorry that’s why they’re so blurry above), and then ate some strawberries with ice cream.

Here’s where we ended up today…

Pantry floor is down to the hardwood and tar paper:


Plumbing is gone, as are all the cabinets:


Started a section of flooring by the radiator… to be continued tomorrow:


Time for a bit of relaxing before we re-attack that hutch tomorrow!


  1. Ellie says "Wow!"

  2. who is that masked man and woman ripping out that kitchen???
    wow you guys are doing quite a job - I am impressed
    you may have found a new career as demo experts
    you could be the Dynamic Demo Duo!!!
    can't wait for new pics
    <3 <3