Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Day 15

Well. Today is Friday. We are supposed to be done. We are not… looks like we’re continuing possibly through Wednesday of next week.

On the plus side, our counter tops were installed today and they are beautiful!

Here are some “in progress” shots:

IMG_4464IMG_4465 IMG_4468 IMG_4467

We ran into some issues that prevented completion today.  We have some electric that needs to be moved because of where the hood vent needs to go.  The sink plumbing wasn’t finished. And we ran into pretty major issues with the floor – so that didn’t get finished today either.

Here’s where we ended up today – it is looking really nice, but the issues are not letting us enjoy it yet…

IMG_4470IMG_4476IMG_4475 IMG_4482Tomorrow morning, we have a floor consultation with Stanley, who did our upstairs floors and we trust, to see what can be done about the issues.  Hopefully we will be able to make a decision on that tomorrow.  Monday, the electricians come back to move the one line.  Then later on Monday, the installation crew comes back to finish the cabinets, the plumbing, and everything else not related to the floors.  We have one piece of granite we’re waiting on - hopefully that comes Monday too.

Then, we deal with the floors – the floors need to be completed before the appliances can be installed… so we don’t really know when we’re going to be back in our kitchen.

Will you please send some hopeful thoughts our way?  We need them…



  1. Spent some time this evening wiping down the floors and granite and lower cabinets. The dust and debris were driving me nuts. It looks better now, and I can see that it will be great once it gets finished... we're going to love this kitchen when it's done!

  2. since both of you are virgin (escuse the expression) remodelers you wouldn't know until now that nothing get finished when you thought it would - there is always something, in every project, that holds up completion
    on the plus side, your kitchen already looks fabulous!!! I love it and so will you when its finished
    as for a suggestion - a nice dinner out with a great bottle of wine and maybe some good friends to join you
    p.s.-and this gives you something to tell your grandkids (speaking of kids ????? hahahahaha) and besides, isn't it really fun having a kitchen (temporary) in a bedroom - you never have to leave that room!!
    Keep :) and we <3 you both