Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Day 16

Well, we had Stanley Flooring take a look at our kitchen floor today and the issue with the transition from the kitchen to the dining room… and he advised that the whole thing needs to be started over, which we suspected…

We trust Stanley as he did our upstairs and he did a great job.

Our contractor talked to her other floor guy and he also said it needed to be redone…

So, looks like our floors are getting redone.

Which of course puts us behind again.

So, no further work was done today in the kitchen.  And none tomorrow.

We did go shopping today, taking a look at counter height chairs/stools for the peninsula. We found some we like, but they were out of the price range – we have excellent and expensive taste!

Monday, we’re having an electrical line moved. And everything else in the kitchen is supposed to get done too by the contractors.  That means all plumbing, cabinet installs, alignments, and finishing.  Hopefully granite too - that one missing piece and a section we found that needs to be polished.

Then, we look at schedules and figure out when we can tackle the floor… and whether we install the appliances in the interim, or continue living in temporary kitchen land…

Fun for us!

Anyway…  Night!


  1. I am granting you permission to use my bedroom as temporary kitchen land for a little while longer
    my advice - I know, no one asked me :)but when did that ever stop me, is to do the floors before you put the appliances in
    this way the entire floor is all done in one swoop (swoop???? oh well) and will all be the same forever
    love you guys - stay cool (I know you are way cool)
    love ya
    <3 <3

  2. That's our preference too, Arleen, but it looks like Stanley is unavailable this week, and we're thinking we might put in the appliances for now, since we don't want to be unable to cook for another week, and then back out again for a few days. We'd most likely leave the temp kitchen as is during that too. We'll see.