Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Kitchen Project - Day 17

Today was mostly a day off from kitcheneryosityness. Gretchen was doing a roll-out for work this weekend, so worked some crazy hours, resulting in her sleeping in this morning. Then we went down to the Beverly neighborhood for the closing performance of a show Jason music directed: Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr., done by 5th-8th graders. The kids did really well!

When we got back home, we started putting together a comprehensive list of things still to be done with the kitchen. Given our combined attention to detail (have you noticed we're both Type A?!?), we wanted to make sure everything was covered. Then we stained a piece of wood for use in a small "extra" kitchen project, and also reattached one of our favorite vintage pieces of the house: the buzzers!

When we were looking at the house to buy it, we noticed there were two buttons kind of hidden under a shelf on the kitchen hutch. Of course, we pushed them, and discovered they were connected to a buzzer on the second floor and one in the basement. We call them the "Come to dinner!" buzzers, and we were careful to notate how they were connected when we did the kitchen demolition so that we could have them in the New! Improved! version of the kitchen.

In theory, tomorrow is the last major day of kitchen work until the floors are redone. We're most likely leaving the appliances out in the dining room until then. If only they were lighter; we could move them daily and have a kitchen du jour - in the dining room, a bedroom, the garage....

1 comment:

  1. I think the buzzers should be called "Jason get your a-- up/down here lolol
    Gretchen you look great in the picture!!!
    you are too cute!!
    you already have a kitchen du jour - AND IT'S MY BEDROOM!!!! :) and it's been that way for a lot of du jours!!
    keep up the happy hearts - it will be done soon
    love you guys <3