Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Day 18

We had a revolving door of people in today.  First our electrician came back to move some electric wiring, and the plan was for him to install our overhead light too.  But, when he saw the fixture, we realized that it wouldn’t work with the old type of electric box that’s been in there.  So we got something to create more space, and It should work now.

The granite guys came back too, and were able to get out most of the nicks and scratches that were in the counters.  They brought the final piece for the counter near the refrigerator, but misjudged when cutting it to fit, so they’re bringing a new one hopefully tomorrow.

Lastly, our designer and her installation team came by to work on a few remaining pieces.  The cabinets now have hardware, IMG_4490

and final alignment of doors etc. has begun.  Most of the plumbing is installed, as well as the disposal.  We all went over the punch list Gretchen and I made yesterday to make sure everything was covered.

Tomorrow will hopefully bring a conclusion to most everything, installation-wise.  We’re still waiting on a few ordered things, floors, and ceiling fixture now, but the end is in sight!

1 comment:

  1. Love your knobs!!! lolol
    the cabinets must be beautiful and I am hoping that your punch list will dwindle down to punchless
    it will be amazing when it is all finished (and, yes, it will be finished)
    suggestion: for your first meal in your new kitchen I suggest take-out cause that way nothing will get dirty (oh that first bunch of spattered grease spots)
    have a great day :) <3 <3