Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Day 5

We started off the day with our designer and GC. Demo inspection was good!  We do excellent destruction!

We also got the answer about the tar… a few extra bucks stops the tar pain! Hooray!

So, today… what’s behind Curtain Number One?


It’s electric!



A view from the basement, below the kitchen…

IMG_4329  IMG_4327


And also, the basement stairwell now has a REAL switch instead of a shorted out motion sensor! Hooray!

IMG_4326In addition, the pantry shelving has been disassembled, we’ve chosen our kitchen light fixture, and we’ve narrowed our paint colors down to 5.  We’ll pick up some samples tomorrow and smear them on the walls.

AND WE PUT SOME WINDOW AC UNITS IN – HOORAY FOR AC!   (Which has nothing to do with the kitchen project, except that it was too darn hot to work tonight so we focused our sweaty energy on solving the heat crisis!)


1 comment:

  1. It's electric!!! boogy, oogy, oogy
    glad all is going so well and that you got some A/C in - you guys are always so cool -
    and I LOVE the lightswitch :)
    I guess a distructive personality is good when it comes to walls and floors
    Keep up the good work (and, by the way, how's my room coming along hahahaha) <3