Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Day 7

Today was the first day that the kitchen actually started looking like it might become a room again, rather than an explosion of parts and dust (and tar, of course…).

Rich and Babs came over early this morning.  Gretchen had to go to work after saying hello, and Rich got right to work patching up the holes in the walls with plaster.

IMG_4340Babs and I helped him get set up, and then she helped rescue us from several days of accumulated destruction/construction dust with her amazing cleaning prowess.

Rich showed me how plastering is done, and I’ve decided to abandon my life in the arts to become a tradesman.  Well, I thought about it briefly for the time it took me to repair one area while Rich breezed through five others.

When we tore out Ye Olde Hutch a few days back, we realized that due to the stud placement (of the wall, not of me…) our original plan for the fridge wall wouldn’t work, and we needed to construct a drywall insert area for it.  No problem for Rich!


Paul came over to consult on the pantry wallpaper stripping, since he’s the painting pro.  Change of plans – we’re now just painting over all the bumps and cracks that are left in there, since shelves will cover most everything anyhow.

By the time everyone left, the room looked much better!

IMG_4343 IMG_4341 IMG_4344You can probably see our paint samples we put on the wall to try to pick our colors.  We put bigger swatches up this evening,

IMG_4349and Paul came by again with larger samples than the color deck, which was really helpful.  We’ve picked the colors!  What will they be?  Stay tuned…

Lastly, we sandpapered the rest of the pantry walls, smoothing it all out.  We took off the long baseboard from the north wall, and cleaned up both kitchen and pantry in preparation for tomorrow – day one of floors!  We are also having the kitchen radiator temporarily removed, so that we can repair the floor under there.  Many long years of moisture and warmth aren’t the best for floors.

Thanks again to Rich, Babs and Paul for all their help and expertise.

As Gretchen says, “Night!”

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  1. Ummm, could you ask Rich, Babs and Paul if they have any free time next week - I have a few things around the house that need tending to!!!
    Looks and sounds like you ALL are doing some job - lookin' gooooood :)