Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Day 8

It’s nice to have a day where we don’t have to get all that dirty!

First order of business – radiator removal!  We were quoted several hours for this work, turns out it was about 20 minutes, and 1/6th the cost! Great start to the day! Hooray!

IMG_4356Jason pulled up the last bit of tile from the corner

IMG_4357while I giggled and took pictures of his plumber’s butt – which I’m not posting!  :)

Then, it was time for the floors… here are some Before pictures:


And here’s a picture of professional tar removal!  Took them about 5 minutes to do a section the size of one that took us more than 6 hours!  Gotta love machines!

IMG_4360_1Here’s Jason checking out the floors after they were sanded:

IMG_4361And here’s where we’re at at the end of today – sanded and stained!




IMG_4370They even fixed the spot we scraped up with the refrigerator on Demo Day 1!

IMG_4367Lookin’ good!

Tomorrow, first coat of poly gets put on bright and early – then we have some shopping to do for light switches and such and then we prime the walls.

Supposedly at this time next Friday, we’ll be IN our new kitchen!  EXCITING!



  1. looks great!!!!!
    can't wait for you guys to move out of my bedroom :)
    all your hard work is starting to pay off
    keep them pictures comin'

  2. You guys. This will be amazing.