Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Demo Day 1

Technically, it was demo night…

Got out of work a bit early today and came home to a brand new electric panel!

IMG_4269Goodbye fuses and too few circuits… hello breakers, better grounding, and spots to spare! This may seem like such a little thing, but it’s tremendous for our mental health!

On to the kitchen. We decided to tackle the most difficult project first – removing the built-in hutch and trying not to destroy it.

IMG_4268That thing is really in there! Also, it may weigh one million pounds – or just be really in there! We got this far:


And have called for reinforcements… maybe Rich’s strength (and fancier tools) can help us get this thing out…we’ll find out on Sunday.

Next, we tackled moving the remaining items to our temporary kitchen - ready to be used for microwaving and coffee making.

IMG_4274Then, we moved the refrigerator out – and gouged the heck out of our dining room floor… guess we know what project comes next after the kitchen… oops.

All in all, not the most productive evening… but here’s what the kitchen looks like now:

IMG_4276IMG_4277Time for some shut eye.  Tomorrow we remove the cabinets, the built-in in the pantry, the tile off the walls, and hopefully start removing the tile from the floors.



  1. Just a warning - beware!!! you are becoming me
    I too was thrilled when we switched from fuses to circuit breakers (I knew it was trouble when you realized you loved the squegee)
    One question- is that MY bedroom that is the temporary kitchen???
    just leave me the snacks when all is said and done :)
    Kitchen re-do looks like it will be fantastic when completed

    Keep us posted - all your hard work will be rewarded <3

  2. Ha! That's totally your bedroom! Looks pretty comfy doesn't it? Cozy shelving... :)

  3. Your temporary kitchen looks in better shape than my actual kitchen. I can't pluck up the courage to do what you've embarked upon. Good luck I'll be following your progress with interest.