Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Demo Day 3


Started the day by accomplishing one item on the list – removing the last section of wall tile.  Then, worked on the floors until the reinforcements arrived…

You may remember that today’s project was the built-in hutch, Demo Day 1’s epic fail:


Rich to the rescue!


IMG_4296 IMG_4299The hutch celebrates its Independence!IMG_4300 IMG_4301And then takes a trip to the garage, where it hopes to be refinished and returned to the house (maybe the dining room) at some future date.

IMG_4303While the mens were working on the hutch, Babs attacked the wall over the old sink to get it ready for Rich’s plastering (coming soon…).


IMG_4302I discovered that the terror inducing wallpaper was not wallpaper after all but oilcloth or something of that sort… just pull it off!


Mom & Rich fed us some great party leftovers then headed home.  Thank you for your help Mom & Rich!!

Our final project of the day was to remove the rest of the floor tile… a major one…


Some pieces came off easy, tar paper and all… leaving nice hardwood ready to be refinished… others (most) came off with little or no tar paper… and lots of scraping ensued.  Our goal became getting the tiles off -- tar paper is tomorrow’s project.

The final four!


Here’s where we ended up at the end of today:

Hutch = gone

IMG_4309 Wall tile & wallpaper = gone

IMG_4310 Floor tile =  gone

IMG_4311 Plaster wall = ready for patching

IMG_4312 Phew! MAJOR day today! Time to clean ourselves up and sleep – tomorrow is gonna be tar-scraping fantastic!


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  1. WOW-what a job you are doing!!!
    looks like really hard work (great helpers Babs & Rich!!)
    too bad you don't live in NY - you could just turn off the A/C and let the tar melt off the floor
    guess work this week will seem like relaxation after all you've accomplished <3