Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Projectin’ Our Kvetchin’ – Day 19

Just shaking it up a little.

Hey look!


Our kitchen likes us!  Or it’s laughing at us, mocking us…. No, I’m going with it likes us.  Actually, this photo is just proof that the microwave is in!  And we didn’t plan on it making a face with the cabinet knobs, I swear. 

It’s still in plastic because…Stanley is starting the floor do-over tomorrow!  We are thrilled he can fit us in this quickly, as the sooner the floors are done, the sooner the appliances go back in.

Hey look!


A working sink!  Now I know what people lost in a desert feel at an oasis.

We also had our last granite delivered, and all of it was caulked.  The installation guys caught up on almost everything from the punch list.  So now: floors done by this weekend, appliances in Monday?, toe kicks put on the cabinets, and then we’re just waiting for a few finishing touches.  Literally!  ‘Cause it’s stuff for the finish of the cabinets.  Ha!  Try the veal, I’ll be here all week.

Speaking of punch list, Gretchen and I are both getting punchy as our project goes on.  Next thing you know, we’ll be using the microwave as a puppet.  Hmm….Gotta go figure out the logistics of that.  I mean, there is a vent to the outside to put your hand through…

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  1. ok so here's my idea (I know you didn't ask me but that never stopped me heehee)
    I think you should give the micro a name (maybe Eyes The Nook or Mr. Kitchy or Zap)
    and for every occasion you should dress him up (love his eyes) put a hat on top over the eyes, put a bowtie under his smile and paste a nose in the middle of his door
    love ya