Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – Are We Done Yet???

You’ve probably been anxiously waiting for the FINALE of our kitchen project…

Hang in there!  We’re almost done!

We’ve been handling a few final projects, like repainting the pantry, reassembling the pantry shelving and adding more, touching up the kitchen, staining and replacing baseboard, quarter round, and chair rail, and moving back in (the biggest project of all).  Our goal is to be done this weekend… unfortunately, until the rest of the projects are done, the kitchen is not in a photographable state… so… sorry for the wait!

We’ll be done soon!


  1. C'mon! I've been following this kitchen from day 1 - Some long shot pictures PLEEEZE!

  2. Ha! They're coming I promise! Probably tonight!

    We've been scrambling to get moved back in to the kitchen since we're having a party on Saturday... I got the counters all cleaned off last night, so I expect to take some pics tonight.

    Sorry for the delay!