Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Kitchen Project – COMPLETE!

It’s done!  Well, there are a few bits we’re waiting for delivery on (like a replacement cabinet door and some hinges and such), but we’ve moved back in and have a kitchen!  A long project, to be sure, but we are happy with the results!

And now… the much-anticipated BEFORE and AFTER shots!

(so much Before that we hadn’t moved in yet!)

It’s bright, and kitschy, but there were no cabinets and no counter space… and no refrigerator (it was a walk away in the pantry).  And the patterned floor may photograph well but was FILTHY and would not come clean!




Photos were taken at night, so they’re not the brightest, but now there are cabinets! And counters! And more counters! And a refrigerator in the work triangle! And a peninsula to sit at! YES!



Take a closer look behind Half-Door Number One:


A GIANT thank you again to Babs and Rich for their amazing help during this project. And another thank you to Paul the Painter!  THANK YOU!!!


1 comment:

  1. OMG!!! what a transformation!!!
    you went from kitsch to klass
    its amazing how you've used made every inch of space so functional - even the radiator cover will be useable space (good place to ripen fruits and veggies!!)
    congrats - you done good <3<3
    p.s.-next time let Jason join you in the pictures - its always good to see a man in the kitchen (does he have an apron???-if not I'll send him one (you know I keep everything)